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The only website for genuine Fastgo Targets, archery targets manufacturer of high quality competition archery targets and 3D archery targets exporting globally.

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Fastgo Targets have been established to address the Archery communities need for a relatively inexpensive target that will give both long wear and be kind to expensive arrows. Having it’s head office and manufacturing base in Vietnam, the company is owned by an Australian archer  who has extensive connections with archery both in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America. Fastgo Targets has been developing cutting edge targets for some time and has exported to the world market.

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Through a process of trial and error Fastgo Targets has developed the correct formula for the high quality EVA memory foam used in construction and created a compound that provides stopping power with the ease of removal of arrows.

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  • This Field Cube archery target provides numerous spots for practice.

    Made the same way as the legendary Supercube, this cube from Fastgo Targets is both light, solid, and most importantly, inexpensive. Broadhead resistant


    Product Height 13.2″ (34cm)
    Body Length 13.2″ (34cm)
    Body Depth 13.2” (34cm)
    Weight 4.4 kg
    Category Home Archery Targets
  • This beautiful hand painted tiger is the very first of Fastgo Targets brand new range of 2.5D animals. Once again our innovation has allowed us to blur the line between 2D and 3D archery targets and sets us apart from the rest of the archery targets manufacturers. With 4 separated legs and tail this new archery target is wider than other animals we have done previously. This would be a fantastic addition to any range.


    Product Height 34.6″ (88cm)
    Body Length 59″ (150cm)
    Body Depth 8.5” (21.5cm)
    Weight 16 kg
    Category 3D Archery Targets
  • This brand new archery target from Fastgo Targets  is a variant of the 4 hole but allows every configuration of archers, regardless of being solo, 2 up, 3 up or shooting 4 up in A and B flights over all distances.

    If shooting 2 or 3 up, a 90 degree rotation gives archers new 160mm centers to shoot at without changing anything. Another 90 degree turn and the same applies. This is a clever archery target and good value at the price.

    Standard with 4 layer centers, this target can be upgraded to include all 6 layer centers.

    Weight 30kg
    Height 49.6″ (126cm)
    Length 49.6″(126 cm)
    Depth 7.5″ (19cm)
    Center Diameter 9.9″ & 6.3″ (25cm & 16cm)
    Category  Competition Archery Target