Mr-Ken-RayeThe CEO, Mr Ken Raye has a 15 year association with archery as a competitive archer and now an archery targets manufacturer in Vietnam. While it is currently difficult to pursue competition, Ken keeps his hand in by personally testing every product developed by his company.

Originally based in Sydney Australia, Ken has spent many years as a member of Warringah Archers as well as a short stint with Ku-rin-gai Bowmen. During this time he competed in many Club, Metropolitan, State and National Field, Target, Indoor and Clout Tournaments, usually gaining a place in these events. He has won National medals and for a short time held a State Record.

After trying Re-curve, Ken quickly turned to Compound and still maintains his two Merlin bows. For variety he also shoots bare bow Compound and Long Bow and has won medals in both of these classes.

Ken has experience with many types of archery targets from the early straw and glue targets to bales filled with plastic bags and he is well aware of the effect a poor archery targets can have on arrows. It is his ambition to design and build the perfect archery target and to that end, the experimentation with different material and different hardness is continuous.