Replacement Centers

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  • This center is specifically designed for the 12 center indoor archery target and is available in both 4 and 6 layers.

    The 4 layer has 4 layers of penetration resistant harder EVA while the 6 layer has 6 layers of this material making it a substantial center.

  • One of the most prolific of Fastgo Targets centers, the 16cm is found throughout the range of target and field archery target. Like all our centers the 16cm comes in 4 layers (19cm) and 6 layers (28cm). Both sizes now have additional layers of high density EVA to reduce penetration and add to the life of the center.

  • The round 25cm center is offered in two options. The 4 layer center is a standard feature with each target and offers a cheap alternative for recurve and traditional bow shooters.

    Of course you can upgrade your 4 layer center to the new improved 6 layer center that include an additional 3 layers of high density, penetration resistant EVA. Measuring a true 28cm in thickness, these centers are designed for greater longevity and cater particularly well to compound shooters and are designed to catch arrows from compound bows up to 60lb

    Both the 4 layer and the 6 layer centers are readily available as replacements when the need requires.

  • The outer red center which supports the 7 & 8 scoring zone on a standard 122mm FITA face is 50cm in diameter with an inner 9 and 10 zone of 25cm. These centers may be replaced individually and can be supplied in both 19cm and 28cm thicknesses. The 25cm inner center is standard and interchangeable across the entire Fastgo Targets range.

  • By popular request Fastgo Targets have developed a range of yellow replacement centers complete with engraved x and 10 circles. These are not painted on but infact use a complete layer of EVA foam to give the target a striking appearance.

    While the center is not intended to replace the paper faces used by all archers, it will afford some cheap practise without filling your bin with shot out paper faces.

    These centers are available in 25cm and 16cm only and come in both 4 and 6 layer with the usual layers of high density EVA between the softer material.

Showing all 5 results