4 center archery target

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Inspired by the comments of one of the International Judges from Australia, Fastgo Targets have designed an archery target suitable for both Tournaments and Club shoots. Designed to World Archery standards, this archery target allows three archers to stay on the target to shoot simultaneously throughout the duration of a tournament.

The 25cm replaceable center has been retained for distances of 90/70/60m but we have installed 3×16cm replaceable centers to deal with distances of 50/30/20 etc. using 6 ring 80cm faces

The target is available with 4 layer centers as standard but may be optioned to take our trademark 6 layer centers. This archery target body is constructed of multiple one piece layers of EVA.

Weight 30kg
Height 49.6″ (126cm)
Length 49.6″(126cm)
Depth 7.5″ (19cm)
Center Diameter 6.3″ & 9.8″ (16cm & 25cm)
Category  Competition Archery Target


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