Double Center Archery Target

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First designed a few years ago this archery target remains one of the most versatile club butts in the range. This 1.26m by 1.26m archery target butt has a double center suitable for those archers not always hitting the gold, The outer red center which supports the 7 & 8 scoring zone on a standard 122mm FITA face is 50cm in diameter with an inner 9 and 10 zone of 25cm. These centers may be replaced individually and can be supplied in both 19cm and 28cm thicknesses. The 25cm inner center is standard and interchangeable across the entire Fastgo Targets range.

Weight 30kg
Height 49.6″ (126cm)
Length 49.6″(126 cm)
Depth 7.5″ (19cm)
Center Diameter 9.8 (25cm)/19.6″ (50cm)
Category  Competition/Outdoor Archery Target


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