Five hole target

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  • What started as an indoor archery target for re-curve shooters has morphed into the most versatile butt we have ever made.

    The 4 outer centers provide enough space to mount 4 40cm faces with space left over. It was decided to take advantage of that space and insert a 250mm center that would allow the butt to be used outdoors. This but will easily take the full 122cm FITA face.

    Whether it be for target shooting, field or indoor, this archery target from Fastgo Targets can do it all and of course, if you upgrade the centers to 6 layers, you have a butt that will not only suit most shooting situations, but all shooters.

    Weight 30kg
    Height 49.6″ (126cm)
    Length 49.6″(126 cm)
    Depth 7.5″ (19cm)
    Center Diameter 9.8″ & 6.3″ (25cm & 16cm)
    Category Indoor/Outdoor archery target

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