Brocks_HeadMy name is Brock Paton and I run the Osoyoos Traditional Archery School, I have been the Top Long Bow Archer for Canada’s Indoor and Outdoor for the past 4 years, I have been on the Canadian World 3-D team three times.

My school has been shooting the Fastgo Targets for the past three months. In all that time with up to 20 students shooting three times a week you can see no damage or need for repair. The students love it and the arrows come out very easily, even my 6 year olds have no problem. The targets are 4 feet by 4 feet so there is very little missing by the new students.

The Fastgo Targets have just sent me a  new center with yellow coloring and counting rings  . I am very pleased to get the new center because now I will no longer be filling my garbage pail with used paper targets, not to mention the reduction in cost per student. For those that say you cannot have color behind the paper targets in registered shoots, fear not you can remove the center and reverse it to black in less than 5 min.

I highly recommend the Fastgo Targets line of archery targets – anyone wishing to have more information on how great they are for my club feel free to contact me at – bpaton1967@gmail.comBrock Paton, Osoyoos Traditional Archery School

We, at Kimberley School of Archery, and Cranbrook Archery Club in Western Canada are using your Fastgo Targets since beginning of the year. First we use indoor archery targets, and then when weather permitted we start using their outdoor archery targets. All I can say we are very satisfied with your product; it looks very professional, and also perform to our satisfaction – very durable, easy to exchange cones for a new one. (We have to do it only on one target, after shooting thousand of arrows into it. Your cooperation is also impeccable, prompt, and fast. Thank you for great product and your service to Archery community.

Vladimir Kopecky, ChPC Kimberley, Canada.

First thank you very much for letting us test these targets here in Canada. As the weather here has allowed us to shoot out doors for a bit I have been training on your targets and have shot thousands of arrows into them. The center core being one layer thicker than the outer smaller cores does have more stopping power but with that being said have not had any arrows pass through or go up to the fletching on the smaller thinner ones. I am shooting a compound set at 58.5 lbs shooting nano pro 450 arrows and have been shooting at 50 meters. I did have to use arrow lube but no more than on any other target, but now that the target has been shot a bit the use of lube is not as necessary as when the target was new. I have also had some of my customers shoot at the target with their hunting bows again with lube on their arrows and they were very impressed by the stopping power of the target. I did have them shoot at the center core also. Over all I feel that you do have a great archery target. The foam seems to heal itself after the arrows are removed and as you had said before with a few modifications could have one of the best competition archery targets on the market. Once again thank you for allowing us to test and show off your targets.

Kevin Evans, Owner of Kootenay Archery Ltd, Canadian National Team member

DennisArmidale Archers decided to change from our self made plastic wrap filled butts to Fastgo Targets butts about 6 months ago. We have no regrets with the decision at all. They have cured the bounce out problem from low poundage club bows, less maintenance and no more gluing faces to cardboard. They serve the club needs excellently and would highly recommend these butts for all target butt needs.

Dennis Carson, President Armidale Archers